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PROLEN® is a mass-dyed polypropylene multifilament yarn produced in Slovakia under the beautiful mountains called the High Tatras.

It is a yarn beneficial for our health with great properties which improve our sports or daily life performance. Its production and PROLEN® itself wholehartedly respect the environment in order to preserve it untouched for our future generations. PROLEN® can be flat textile, flat technical, textured high elastic, textured low elastic, air textured and special performance.
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Kinex has a very low friction coefficient and the highest abrasion resistance

when compared with PTFE and PA braided with PTFE. That is why it is ideally suited for use in critical areas where friction occurs due to the movement during sports and casual activities: e.g. armpits, nipples, groin, thighs, knees, toes, soles, heels.
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CELLEN is a fusion of PROLEN® and cellulose. Their outcome is a yarn which combines best of their properties: great thermoinsulation, moisture management, breathability and lightness of PROLEN® and the softness and pleasant touch of nature coming from cellulose.

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