producer of multifilament Polypropylen yarns Prolen (R)

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Light as a Feather

  • the lightest fibre
  • specific weight lower than than of water 
  • lower weight of the final product 

Ideal Comfort

  • the lowest moisture transport
  • ideal temperature 



Dry in Every Situation

  • transport moisure
  • ensures the optimal microclimate between the skin and fabric


 Enduring Comfort

  • holds out against abrasion, tension and tearing
  • higher elastic modulus
  • chemically and biologically inert
  • maintains colour freshness
  • UV stabilized 

Healthy and ecological

  • inhibits the creation of bad smells
  • limits the multiplication of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms 
  • anallergic
  • has a moderately negative charge
  • 100 % recyclable

 Comfort without Demands

  • does not fear stains and spots 
  • does not shrink
  • dries quickly
  • does not need ironing

 Economic Comfort

  • higher metric yield 
  • saved energy during processing
  • zero costs for dying 
  • saved energy during products maintance